Blogging in the classroom

According to the definition of NWT Literacy Council, “a blog is a web publishing tool that allows authors to quickly and easily self-publish text, artwork, videos, picturesm links and other blogs or websites”

There are many platforms that allows you to create a personal blog with any purpose the author may have. Among the most famous we can find the following:












Blogging allow students not only share their work with the teacher or the educator, but with a real audience that may include their peers or learners from other classes or places.

Among the benefits of blogging we can find:

  • Developing writing ability
  • Gaining creative multimedia skills
  • Developing and managing an online community


1) Why is this particular tool or technology relevant to language learning? What approaches to language learning or research underpin the use of this technology?

According to Aaron Campbell (2003) Learners can be encouraged to write frequently about what interests them, and can post comments on other learnersʹ blogs. creating a real communicative use of the language .


2) How might you use it to foster language learning? Think about your target audience.

Blogging offers you as a teacher different ways to be used. Aaron Campbell (2003) states that there are 3 ways in which you can use the blogs for teaching purposes.

  • The Tutor Blog is run by the educator.
  • The Class Blog is a shared space.
  • The Learner Blog (which requires more effort from the teacher and students)

This allow you as a teacher to adapt the class or the tool according to the needs of students. This tool is quite useful for reading and listening due those are the skills used on it. However, listening and reading can be developed as the publications of the blogs includes this kind of audiovisual material.



3) What limitations can you see with the use of this technology for the purposes of language learning?

As blogs are totally free tools for online publication, it may require a lot of time to work on it. The good blogs are the ones that are constantly active and the ones that are innovating its content.


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