Read your favorite webpages, translate the words you don’t know, and we’ll generate flashcards to help you remember.


Readlang is a software that happens to work in the website itself. It allows you to translate whatever you want in order to learn vocabulary and a second language. English is not the only language you can learn through this tool. There is a variety of languages that you can select as your mother tongue. This brings you the opportunity to find information from all around the world.


It also offers you a variety of different texts and topics to work with. As you can see in the next picture, you can always change the language that you know and which language you are learning. It also work with a very friendly interface quite easy to use.


Here we have an example of how this work. As you may select a text to work with, you can select how many words you want to translate by selecting them. As you are an starter on this page, you are allowed to only translate a few words or sentences per day.


You can upgrade your account in order to get unlimited single word and phrases translation. As it needs payment for a full use, it could be quite discouraging. However, the premium account only requires $5 dollars per month, which is a cheap price for a useful online tool.



1) Why is this particular tool or technology relevant to language learning? What approaches to language learning or research underpin the use of this technology?

This is a useful tool based on grammar-translate methodology which allow students to face a language being supported by their mother tongue. It opens the opportunity to find different texts and new information for students that sometimes books and dictionaries cannot bring. In traditional texts, print remains static as the information they contain do not change each time a book is opened. Print format is also linear, as it follows the intended path of the author, and it is usually sequential, as it may follow a particular order or ranking (Coiro, 2003 as cited in Girón-Garcia, 2015). However, Readlang offers you as the website states at the very beginning “Learn a language by reading whatever you like” inviting students to find their own interests through reading.


2) How might you use it to foster language learning? Think about your target audience.

This allow teachers to encourage students to work with texts of their own interest. As you can teach English or any other language, you can create different activities by using any kind of text with an specific purpose or not. Students might find this tool very friendly since it uses the student’s mother tongue to work.



3) What limitations can you see with the use of this technology for the purposes of language learning?

The only limitation that I can find as pre-service teacher is the payment needed to fully use the software’s features. In the Chilean contexts,  to pay $5 Dollars for each students escape from the possibilities of any teacher on public schools.


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