3 lyrics.PNG  is a website that allows you to practice your listening skills with very popular songs. Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, Luis Fonsi, Shakira are just some examples of all the variety of singers that you can choose.


As it is announced on the website itself  “Improve and practice your listening skill with the best music videos. Fill in the gaps to the lyrics as you listen and sing Karaoke to your favourites.”

You have a great variety of different music genres! You can select the one you like the most!

lyrics 2

Besides choosing your favorite music video or singer, you can select among four different difficulty levels. It only changes the quantity of words that you my fill on each songs

Lyrics training



As you can see on the pictures, this Karaoke Game for listening and reading skills has game elements such as Score, time, hit bonus and also fault counter.


1) Why is this particular tool or technology relevant to language learning? What approaches to language learning or research underpin the use of this technology?

This particular tool may be quite interesting for students since the songs that appear on the website are musical hits on YouTube, They are worldwide successful songs with amazing rhythms. According to Larry Vandergrift and Christince C. M. Goh Listening is an important skill: it enables language learners to receive and interact with language input and facilitates the emergence of other language skills. Thus, working with LyricsTraining offer you an unmatched opportunity to create rich and entertaining learning environments.

2) How might you use it to foster language learning? Think about your target audience.

As LyricsTraining is based on musical hits from YouTube, it may motivate students who dislike the traditional listening activities. Also it may encourage students who do not like English to participate in a karaoke-based activity. Personally speaking, I’ve not used this activity on a real class yet, but based on my own experience, I believe that It might catch most students interest.


3) What limitations can you see with the use of this technology for the purposes of language learning?

Maybe one of the limitations that LyricsTraining may have is the lack of choice in terms of content. As the songs are popular hits, they were not created with pedagogical purposes, so it may be hard if you want to teach an specific area of English. It is more useful for general listening activities than for specific content activities.


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