ELT Blogs

5 ELT blogs that you should visit!


1- ELT Diary

A diary for writing down, reflecting on and sharing my ELT experience, a blog  by Alexandra Chistyakova, teacher of English at Moscow State University.

2- Language Garden

Activities and stories for language gardeners, a blog by David Warr.

3- English Virtual Community

All about technology applied to Language Learning, a blog by Nelba Quintana.

4- Grammarphobia

Grammar, etymology, usage, and more, brought to you by Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman


A blog by Anthony Ash.

These blogs are some examples of the great variety of blogs that exist on the Internet. Some of them are better or more useful but every blog has the essence of its author. 


The blog that caught my attention was ELT BLOG by Anthony Ash.

This blog is presented in a minimalist style written in gray scale and white with some blue details. I rather prefer minimalist style than excessive decoration, because it allows you to go direct into the information without distractions or elements that difficult reading.


“About” (extracted by ELT BLOG by Antony Ash)

This blog was created with all English Language Teachers in mind: whether you have recently qualified, have 20 years of experience or are a Teacher Trainer, there should hopefully be something here for you.

                                                                                Anthony Ash


I completed the CELTA at IH Wroclaw (Poland) in August 2011 and I completed the DELTA at IH Newcastle (UK) in autumn 2014. I have an MA in English Language and Linguistics. I have also completed the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology (online) in 2013 and the IH Certificate in Teacher Training (online) in 2015.

I have taught adults and Young Learners General English and Business English in Dresden (Germany), Oxford (UK), Poznan / Torun (Poland) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). I also teach English for Academic Purposes at the University of Newcastle (UK).

I have worked in ELT management since September 2013. I was the Senior Teacher at IH Torun (Poland) and the Assistant Director of Studies at IH Buenos Aires (Argentina). I am particularly interested in Teacher Training and Development.

Thumbs up and down!


  • The blog has recent activity. That means that it is not an abandoned or inactive blog. 
  •   Its author has experience and appropriate curriculum.
  • The blog has different categories that allow you to find the information you need. We can find: Grammar, Lexis, Discourse, Pronunciation, receptive skills, productive Skills, young learners, Professional development, teacher training, historical linguistics, and so on.
  • Easy to understand and follow.


  • The minimalist style that I mentioned before can be quite boring for some readers.

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